platforms project
16 - 19 mei 2019 | athene
urban | urge
Corine Barendregt | Liesbeth Bos | Lucius Pax | Liesbeth van Woerden

Platforms Project's aim is to present the independent artistic scene, as it is expressed by artist run initiatives. The projectis directed by Artemis Potamianou and Michalis Argyrou.

The platforms project will be presented for the seventh consecutive year aiming to map visual artworks as it is produced withing the frame of artists group initiatives of artists in the international art environement in order to find together solutions to contemporary fine arts questions.

|elswhere is on the move again. For Platforms Project Athens the works of artists Corine Barendregt, Liesbeth Bos, Lucius Pax and Liesbeth van Woerden show the ' urge' of the urban environment.

Four artists explore urban surroundings. Wandering in between housing blocks and monuments, crossing streets full of traffic, searching for peace in a park, driving around to find a parking space, waiting for the bus, surfing on the internet, getting lost?
Corine Barendregt takes urban samples which she brings back to her studio. There the samples get a new life, transforming into ceramic icons, loosened from their hectic past.
Liesbeth Bos captures city walls, windows, traffic signs, turbulence, lines and light. Urban fragments are unraveled and reconstructed to a new reality, resulting in series of colourfull paintings. Bos reveals structures and current questions on society in a continuous search for balance.
Lucius Pax is about the impact of fiction on the perception of reality. Urban settings are the background for intrigues, plots and questions in paint.
Liesbeth van Woerden is puzzled by urban details. She wonders at pipes that pop out of urban walls or disappear in the pavement and at attachments that seem to be meaningless. In van Woerden’s work reality in photographs blend with an alternate reality.


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