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liesbeth bos | corine barendregt | lucius pax

Kunstenaarsintiatief |elders

Artist-run initiative |elders believes in personal, nuanced statements on the world, as a counterpart for generalization. We aim for intimacy in our presentations and a slowing down of time around the artwork in order to meet the work and discuss it. To observe without claiming a truth, to encircle artworks and become enchanted.


Fantastic | facts

At Art Athina |elders will present ‘fantastic | facts’, colorful paintings opposite minimalistic conceptual work.

In a busy art fair surrounding each individual work of art is in competition for the visitors attention. Awareness raised by the artwork is topic in our presentation. In our boot we aim for intimacy and meeting the works of art. 
By presenting ‘fantastic | facts’, colorful fantastical drawings opposite minimalist conceptual installations complemented with performances and discussions, this is demonstrated. Furthermore steps and viewing point of visitors will be registered, in the course of the art fair a ‘viewing –pattern’ will emerge. Will the spectator become enchanted? What side will be chosen?

In fantastic | facts the artists Lucius Pax, Corine Barendregt and Liesbeth Bos show their work. All three artist question everyday life and use this theme as inspiration for their work. Lucius Pax will show colorful drawings on the life of Lucius Pax and his adventures and fantasies. Part of his work is an ongoing performance. In the work of Liesbeth Bos and Corine Barendregt everyday facts are translated. In Corine Barendregts clay tablets these facts are imprinted. Liesbeth Bos unravels and reconstruct the everyday facts. In her cube installation a new reality is created. 


Platforms Project 2016 

Platforms Project @ Art Athina was started in 2013 with the aim of charting artistic action as it is generated by the collective initiatives of artists who decide to create the so-called platforms and jointly pursue the answers to their artistic concerns. Since then it has become integral to Art Athina as an institution that reflects its genuinely international character.

The 2013, 2014 and 2015 Platforms Projects @ Art Athina featured over 120 platforms and 1,600 artists from 23 countries, achieving instances of symbiosis, collaborations and unexpected debates on art as well as forging friendships. Interpersonal relationships aside, in many cases the platforms ended up exchanging exhibitions, actions and artists.

Platforms Project @ Art-Athina 2016 will be featuring 51 major platforms and art-group events from 17 countries, involving over 650 artists and making up a programme which will attempt to offer visitors an insight into artistic creation and the experience of collaboration in the artistic practice without focusing on sales.

Viewers will be able to see platforms which have honoured this project in previous years as well as platforms presented for the first time in Greece. Above all, however, the Platforms Project @ Art Athina 2016 is devoted to the collaborations established in the three previous events by platforms which, adopting the maxim “unity is strength”, have attained a prominent place on the international art scene, establishing a global network of independent art schemes.

Artemis Potamianou
Platforms Project @ Art-Athina


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