platforms project
13 - 16 oktober 2022| athene
sensitive | signs
Liesbeth Bos | Marianne Duif | Vassia Vanezi | Liesbeth van Woerden

Platforms Project's aim is to present the independent artistic scene, as it is expressed by artist run initiatives. The projectis directed by Artemis Potamianou and Michalis Argyrou.

The platforms project will be presented for the tenth consecutive year aiming to map visual artworks as it is produced withing the frame of artists group initiatives of artists in the international art environement in order to find together solutions to contemporary fine arts questions.

|elswhere is on the move again. For Platforms Project Athens the works of artists Liesbeth Bos, Marianne Duif, Vassia Vanezi and Liesbeth van Woerden show the ' sensitivity ' of the signs in our everyday environment.

The artists are captivated by the everydayness of our surroundings. Every day we deal with lots of signals and signs. By isolating them and placing them in an other context they emphasize the subtiel meaning of them . As spectator you experiece the sensitivity of these signs.


|elders .

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