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hold that thought


10 Ways of Describing ‘Hold That Thought’…'


To someone who’s good friends with the artists:

1. This show is a purging of ideas generated in the time which the artists have shared their studio.
2. With very little time to deliberate or think Alex and Justin are showing objects, performances and images which come from the relative success of a 15 minute brainstorm over a shared club sandwich.
3. The title was decided upon in the same encounter, as the artists liked the way it referred to their shared reflexive sensibility whilst describing the defining thematic of the exhibition: act now/ apologise later.
4. As well as sharing excerpts from their studio practices, several pieces have been made specifically for the space, which has an undefined temporary lease (the length of the exhibition will be decided by the housing authority).
5. Within their official capacity as assistants to each others studio practice; tested for to breaking point in their first dual exhibition, they can and have made each others work, willed the other to present things which they may have not otherwise, and authored works under the other artists name.


To someone who’s not familiar with the artists

1. They have shared a studio and private project space since October 2010
2. They’ve only had three weeks to prepare for the exhibition. 
3. The title refers to this defining factor, which Alex and Justin have taken as an opportunity to stop what they’re doing and present otherwise private pieces of works in their current state, whether incomplete, destroyed, or elsewhere.
4. They both work in a way that is highly sensitive to the context in which they show, usually developing new works which employ the given conditions to bring about a feedback loop of an new object which ‘feeding’ from the context, changes the context, affecting a new experience of it.
5. They call upon each other when they need something doing. This relationship was officiated when, in a civil ceremony they officially agreed to be each other’s assistants for as long as they share a studio. For ‘Hold That Thought’ Alex drove the van that Justin borrowed.

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